Profile & Philosophy

Our office is in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  We have worked across the State of Michigan and have provided design services in other states as well.

We have a variety of experience, but not limited to, luxury residential homes and estate planning, speculative and family homes, multi-family and urban architecture, commercial and adaptive re-use projects, restaurant and retail architecture, hospitality ventures, assisted-living and medical projects, faith-based and education design and manufacturing plants.

We are commited to our client's success by the following 7 point system:

  1. We will work hard.

  2. We have and will continue to have strong and proven relationships with all team members of each project.  Every member is important, from consultants, contractors, sales representatives, manufacturers, suppliers, city officials and most importantly the Owner/ Client.

  3. We make it our business to know your business.  We need to know you as an Owner/ Client.  We will assist you to develop the spaces and spatial relationships you will need in your building and more importantly we will ask you-

                    Who are you?

                    Where have you come from?

                    Where are you going?

                    How do we help you get there?


 4. We are great at providing beautiful and functional design as the Owner/ Client’s needs deem      

      necessary.  Our firm has unique talents that can personalize each project for each Owner/ Client’s

      needs and personality.

 5. We are strict and honest at adhering to both schedule and budgets.  We have checks and balances in

      place with project team members to assure the project will arrive on time and in budget.

 6. We provide meticulous Construction Documents.  The Construction Documents will provide a solid

      process for Bidding, Permitting and Construction.

 7. Our relationship extends beyond the project close-out and completion.  While handing the keys over

      to the Owner/ Client is a time of celebrating we do not stop our relationship with you.  Once you’re a

      Client of Create 3 you’re part of our family.     



Create 3’s Owner James Brodi, has over 20 years of experience in Architecture.  As early as high school Jim began winning architectural design competitions and knew he would eventually become an Architect.  He finished his undergraduate work and received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, Michigan.  He decided to take a sabbatical from his studies and traveled to Europe.  He returned and entered his graduate studies at Lawrence Technological University.  He earned his Bachelor of Architecture (Professional Degree), which at the time allowed candidates to take the Architectural State Licensing Exam.  In January of 1999, Jim became a Licensed Architect.  Over the years he worked for prestigious firms in the Metropolitan Detroit and Grand Rapids Area.  He also taught at Ferris State University which encouraged Jim to reenter academia and attain his Masters Degree in Architecture from Lawrence Technological University.  In 2005 Jim traveled to Chicago to enter a two year specialty program at the Catholic Theological Union.  There he studied courses in church design, programming, change management, Liturgy, Sacraments, Old and New Testament history, grief and coping psychology, ritual, capital gift campaigns, group management and group polarities. Jim now practices as a Liturgical Design Consultant as well as an Architect, nevertheless, all of these mechanisms that were learned can be used for any denomination or project.  Jim also has been an expert witness in the court of law.